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FEB 2017

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50 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 7 • O P T O M E T R I C M A N A G E M E N T . C O M BUSINESS PERSONNEL POINTERS ENGAGE EMPLOYEES DOES IT REALLY MATTER? LOOK TO SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES FOR THE ANSWER S UCCESSFUL BUSI- NESSES know that happy staff members provide better service, are more produc- tive and care more, or seem to, about their jobs and the businesses' customers vs. those who aren't engaged. Also, em- ployee engagement increases patient retention, sales and rev- enue and leads to more positive online reviews and an enjoyable work environment. Yet, only 32.9% of the U.S. workforce is engaged with their jobs, says Gallup studies. While engaging your employees takes effort, the payoff is huge. Let's look at some ways to start an em- ployee engagement strategy. 1 GET TO KNOW EMPLOYEES What motivates and engages one employee may be different for the next one. Oen, just the effort to get to know an employee will start to engage him or her, as it shows you care. Ask questions about the employee's life and work. 2 PROVIDE TRAINING Employees who are engaged with their jobs say they feel con- fident in their roles and responsi- bilities and that they want to keep learning and grow in their careers. Identify ways for each employee to progress within your practice. 3 REWARD AND RECOGNIZE People love to hear they are doing a great job, and it oen leads employees to a desire to do so again. Recognition, a "ank you" or "Great job," also pro- motes positivity and enhanced work ethic. Rewards also engage staff, as they drive competitive- ness, but also teamwork. Set a goal that can only be achieved if the entire team is contributing, and watch how well employees combine efforts to win. 4 PLAY TOGETHER Employees who enjoy work- ing together are friends and col- leagues; they care about and support one another. Make op- portunities for your team to get out of the office and have fun to- gether. For example, close early one day and go bowling, or invite the spouses and play a game of baseball. Look for opportunities outside the office to socialize and mingle together. 5 INVOLVE EMPLOYEES IN DECISIONS Treat employees like owners. In- volve them in important practice decisions and challenges so that when a new policy is made or an expensive piece of equipment is purchased, they all buy in. GET STARTED Building an engagement strat- egy and executing it is not going to happen overnight, but starting now will make a difference. OM MS. CHAREST is the co-founder of 4ECPs, a practice man- agement resource com- pany for eye care professionals. 4ECPs has six divisions, including eye care jobs, marketing, social media, payments, events and train- ing. Visit www.4ecps.com, or email trudi@4ecps.com. TRUDI CHAREST, R.O. Cour tesy of Gallup ENGAGED 32.9% NOT ENGAGED 67.1% Employee engagement

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