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FEB 2017

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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 7 • O P T O M E T R I C M A N A G E M E N T . C O M patient, Patricia, who prefers "Trish" and has been deemed a glaucoma suspect, presents for her second follow-up visit within three months of her "routine annual eye health exam." Trish's objection: the medical co-pay. "I paid a $55 co-pay the last time I was here for the same thing, and the doctor didn't do anything dif- ferent. Why do I have to pay this every time he checks the same thing, and why do I have to come back again?!" AVOID THE PUSH BACK How can you and your staff avoid a similar situ- ation with patients who push back on co-pays and other fees? e answer is to explain the value. Doctor during appointment: " Trish, I'm going to re-measure your internal eye pressure today, so that I can see whether there has been any change, and I can work to reduce your risk of vision loss from potential glaucoma ." Receptionist at checkout: " Trish, your bill to- day is $55. You are very fortunate to have excel- lent medical insurance benefits. If you didn't, your visit, diagnostic and doctor evaluation would have cost you $130 today. Your medical insurance ben- efit saved you $75! Now, because you are at an el- evated risk for glaucoma, Dr. Eyewise wants you to return in another three months to measure the pressure inside your eyes. As this is typically the best time and day for you, I have already reserved it for three months from now. Sound good ?" EXPLAIN THE VALUE When patients are unclear about the value of what you do, they will challenge "Why?" To avoid this, always explain the why, what's in it for him or her and follow with "comparative value." To view the complete archive of Mr. Hinton's "Scriptopedia" columns, visit tinyurl.com/scripto pedia or optometricmanagement.com MR. HINTON is CEO and president of eYeFacilitate. Email him at mark@eyefacilitate.com, or send comments to optometricmanagement@gmail.com. SCRIPTOPEDIA: "WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY THIS EVERY TIME ?" A MARK HINTON Designed and Manufactured by NIDEK - Represented by Marco 800-874-5274 • marco.com The TRS-5100 digital refraction system represents a powerful technology upgrade from your traditional manual refractor. • Digital accuracy with rapid ROI • Instant split prism target comparison of old/new Rx • Portable controller with auto programs • Reduced repetitive stress trauma • Large touch screen with reverse tilt • Enhanced patient experience • EMR integrated The Difference is Marco. SPEED & ACCURACY TRS Total Refraction Automation TRS-5100 Product/Model name: REFRACTOR RT-5100 SECO • 927

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