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FEB 2017

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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 7 • O P T O M E T R I C M A N A G E M E N T . C O M IMAGING Experience a fundus camera with auto 3D alignment in X-Y-Z axes, AutoSwitching, AutoFocus, AutoShot, AutoPanoramic images, and AutoStereo Pairs. In addition, the AFC-330 delivers Auto small pupil detection/activation of small pupil mode, Auto blink detection, Auto data transfer options, and is fully networkable with NAVIS-EX data management software. If your Retinal Camera doesn't provide these 'auto' features...it 'ought-to'. The Difference is Marco. Designed and Manufactured by NIDEK - Represented by Marco 800-874-5274 • marco.com AutoPanorama (2-7) AutoShot AutoStereo AutoStereo Pairs Pairs 3D AutoAlign in X-Y-Z AutoSwitching AutoFocus AFC-330 Automated Fundus Camera The AFC-330 is offered exclusively by Marco in the optometric market SECO • 927 T he Vision Council released its latest "Blue Light Exposure and Digital Eye Strain" re- port (tinyurl.com/digitalgetdown), which shows that patient education regarding digital eye strain and blue-light-protective eyewear is needed. Specifically, the report shows that although 31%, 22%, 22.6%, 22.1% and 30.1% report experiencing eye strain, dry eyes, headache, blurred vision and neck/shoulder pain aer digital device use, respec- tively; 68.5% of Americans say they haven't talked about their digital device use with their eye doc- tors; and 73.5% say they weren't aware that eyewear was available to protect their eyes from digital de- vice use. In addition, 76.5% of Americans say their child(ren) uses a digital device for more than two hours a day, and 55.6% say their child(ren) expe- rience one of the following aer more than two hours of use: headaches, neck/shoulder pain, eye strain, dry or irritated eyes, decreased atten- tion span, poor behavior and irritability. Digital device use of greater than two hours by age: 18 to 39: 91.6%, 40 to 59: 88.6% and 60 and older: 78.5% DIGITAL DEVICE USE REPORT REVEALS THE NEED FOR PATIENT EDUCATION DIGITAL DEVICE USE AMONG AMERICANS 73% Use a computer to do research 55% Use a smartphone as an alarm clock 50.4% Use a computer to go shopping 49.4% Use a smartphone to check the weather 48.7% Use a computer to find a recipe

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